Women And Energy

By LeAnna J. Carey | May 04, 2011

Women And Energy

There is a great deal written about women and success.  It's fascinating to read about the success journeys of women and how they know when to make the right moves. Let's take a look at a basic ingredient to success - energy.   How does energy impact our lives? 

We are all born with a unique body clock and getting in sync with our body rhythms will produce the energy and vitality needed for our optimal personal and professional productivity. For example, sunlight and temperature cycles regulate the timing and effectiveness of basic behaviors such as sleep, physical stamina, cognitive performance, alertness and appetite. If you are cooped up in an office all day, chances are, your energy starts to deplete sometime in the afternoon.  Taking a break for even 5-10 minutes will reset your energy levels. The midday sunlight will increase your mental alertness, the movement will warm your core, and the fresh air will stimulate your breathing.

One important tip to remember is that what we eat is only half of the equation - appetite and metabolism are intricately related to sleep and light exposure. One recent study found that just a single night of insufficient sleep leads to increased appetite and the consumption of 350 to 500 more calories than are consumed after a night of 7 to 8 hours sleep.  Nothing diminishes your productivity or how you feel about yourself, more than feeling sluggish and bloated.

Understanding when your greatest stamina peak is huge. Studies have clearly demonstrated that in healthy adults, physical stamina is greatest in the afternoon. The later afternoon peak in core body temp and the mid-afternoon decrease in skin blood flow may be the reason. I find that I am the most productive late to mid afternoon; please don't call me before 10 AM, I'm really not myself.

The absolute most important energy tip is to get your sleep! Start winding down a couple of hours before you go to bed. Turn it all off..your iPhone, iPad, laptop, television. Here's the reason why: the light at night can cause elevated night time cortisol and slow wave sleep disruption. 

Start making a few of these lifestyle changes and you may find that success is waiting for you right around the corner, and all that you ever needed was to turn out the lights! To listen to Dr. Virginia Gurley, MD talk more on finding your stamina peaks listen here!

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