Check out these beautiful solar and lunar clocks

By Virginia Gurley | Aug 28, 2012

Check out these beautiful solar and lunar clocks

If you’re into science, the research revealing the inner workings of circadian rhythms is pretty fascinating.  But intriguing as this science is, it’s not the same as directly experiencing in-the-moment attunement with solar time.  It’s that direct experience of being in sync with the sun that awakens awareness of how powerful and fundamental the sun cycle is for our wellbeing and health. 

Thanks to the good work of Yale and Jackie at Better Tymes Project, you can get a beautiful visual sync-up with your local solar and lunar time using their cool (free) screensaver, TrueTyme.  I find myself drawn to checking in with the TrueTyme screensaver every few hours throughout the day and evening.  It’s hard to put into words why this visualization of solar time is so alluring – it feels like a positive addiction. 

Because I’m an iPhone user, I haven’t been able to check out their Android application, but I’m hoping that will change soon.  Better Tymes Project is in the process of crowdsourcing funds so they can port True Tyme to the iOS platform.  Please join AuraViva to support Better Tymes Project bringing their wonderful approach to visualizing sun and moon time to iPhone users everywhere!

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