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Our Beta Launch

By LeAnna J. Carey | Jan 28, 2011

Our Beta Launch

I just finished reading Reengineering Health Care by Jim Champy and Harry Greenspun, M.D., and recommend this book as required reading for everyone interested in health care reform. Their vision is relevant, motivating and, I believe, a call to participate in transforming the status quo. One key premise -

"Reengineering must be done, and it must be done by clinicians. No angel of government, even under the auspices of "national health care reform," can reduce the cost and improve the quality of health care without the work and leadership of clinicians." (Champy & Greenspun p19)

Their message is particularly confirming for AuraViva as we launch the beta phase of our offering and reflect on this milestone. Two thoughts come to mind; first, the importance of physician innovation in the current environment, and second, the need for consumer empowerment tools related to everyday health and wellness. Focusing on 'who' this service is for, aligns the 'why' and ‘how’ of our innovation journey - to provide a tool where consumers can engage, visualize and understand their own health in terms of their personal life rhythms.

While we acknowledge the focused effort and challenges of highly trained clinicians to capture those teachable moments within care encounters, we know that life and health happen around the clock, in-between those teachable moments. Unless you live with a clinician 24/7, this engagement obstacle is both a limitation and an opportunity. Our goal is for AuraViva users to discover what their personal life rhythms and patterns look like by visualizing the peaks and valleys of every day living and to explore how timing adjustments can lead to optimal vitality, performance and sleep improvement.

We are not sure what the other side of our beta looks like, but you can trust that this service is offered in the spirit of health care reengineering by clinicians, and we will be listening to the most important voice in this endeavor, the consumer. Stay tuned 

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