Addicted To Work?

By LeAnna J. Carey | Aug 27, 2012

Addicted To Work?


"...we need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to-do' list," Michelle Obama.  


A woman executive whom I have known for years informed me last week that she was stepping away from her work world for a few months in order to gain some balance and perspective.  She said it was time to think differently on how she wanted to look back on her accomplishments; in other words, she did not want to sum it all up only with professional milestones.  Without a vision that integrates the two, careers headed in the right direction can leave personal success in its wake.  Why is that?  Overwork and brutal hours may be the new demand, but they are also a ticket to becoming a member of the working wounded club, and nothing will gain you membership like random planning.  My question is, how much time are you devoting to planning your personal best?

Here are three questions to jump start your best quest:


  1. Where do your passions lie? Are you be able to identify activities or topics that you find energizing apart from your career ecosystem?  Another way to think about this question is to ask what you like to accomplish while you are young and healthy?   
  2. Are you addicted to work?  Medical oncologist, Edward T. Creagan, says in his blog "It's been my experience that an 'out of office' response means nothing anymore, we're driving ourselves wacko with no time to power down."  If you suspect that you may be a workaholic, take this quiz ...then turn your iphone off.   
  3. Do your lifestyle decisions support your goals?  Our master body clock is the link between our physical health and well-being.  For example, lack of sleep directly impacts your creativity, ability to learn, and even control and prevent chronic disease.  Your personal best requires good decisions. 


I am well aware that innovators and entrepreneurs believe that the new currency is information - but, I think the new currency is leveraging time.  It is easy to forget about personal fulfillment these days - take some time to remember what you want in life outside of the office. 


"If you neglect to recharge a battery, it dies. And if you run full-speed ahead without stopping for water, you lose momentum to finish the race." Oprah Winfrey


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