Executives & Lifestyle Integration

By LeAnna J. Carey | Dec 02, 2011

Executives & Lifestyle Integration

What is the one thing that we all have in common? We are all subject to time.  The same 24 hours that everyone has.  We are nearing the end of the year and when you look back on your accomplishments, did you do everything that you set out to do?  In response to the unpredictable market place many have found themselves reevaluating personal and career priorities.  One quote worth reflecting on is from Samuel Johnson, in Boswell's Life of Johnson, "it is a most mortifying reflection for a man to consider what he has done, compared to what he might have done."  Even in 1770, it seems as though meandering through life was not an option for some, and clearly, now is not the time to be vague about goals - especially, if you are an executive. If we are to be mindful of our time, then what is it that we should be doing to master or make time work for us both professionally and personally? 

First of all, nourish your future. Consider that people are living and working longer, and the new normal is to feel completely exhausted from trying to over, out, and super achieve.  John Beeson, the Principal of Beeson Consulting,  just posted an excellent article on The Myth of Work-Life Balance, in today's issue of Harvard Business Review,  where he emphasizes that for executives personal organization is a more realistic goal than trying to achieve a work life balance.  Keep in mind, that Beeson, is being realistic, in light of our rapidly changing business environment.  What may help these executives integrate their work with how they nourish their life, and at the same time enhance performance and competitiveness is making a few simple lifestyle changes:

  1. Power down a couple of hours before bed
  2. Eat a light dinner - front load calories to the first half of the day
  3. Move around through out the day - go outside for a few minutes
  4. Sleep in a dark room

Executives are acutely aware of what they can accomplish in their 24 hours and I am always in awe of what some exec's accomplish.  What I see as a risk for executives is the potential of outspending themselves if they neglect to prioritize their personal needs just as they would do for their companies.  Aligned with Beeson's concept of organization, executives that nourish or structure their life/lifestyle for success will be living their "A" game in and outside of the office.  The key is I-N-T-E-G-R-A-T-I-O-N!  

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