24 Hour Wellness

Enhance vitality and performance, control weight, improve sleep and maintain healthy levels of energy throughout the day through circadian synchrony

Sleep Improvement
Sleep Improvement Learn how you can use personalized light, temperature, activity and food cycles to improve your sleep. It's a natural, science-based approach. Restful sleep counterbalances the rapid-fire pace of modern life, however, many of us are sleep deprived. Simple changes to your patterns of light exposure and timing of activities can help you sleep better. Learn More
Weight Control
Weight Control It's a little known secret that light exposure, meal timing and sleep duration influence body weight, metabolism and appetite as much or more than calorie intake. Eating the majority of your calories before dinner, getting enough bright light during the day and sufficient, restful sleep all help synchronize your metabolism and maintain a healthful weight. Learn More
Time and Energy
Time and Energy When we feel we don’t have enough time or energy, we feel stressed. Treating your time and energy as though it’s all about quantity and one minute is the same as any other actually increases your stress. Use circadian synchrony to structure your schedule, reduce your stress and gain more energy. Learn More
Vitality and Performance
Vitality and Performance Did you know you can enhance performance and vitality using circadian synchrony? Stamina, reaction times, cognitive speed and even social flexibility each have a fairly regular peak every 24 hours. Using personalized light, activity, food and temperature cycles, you can adjust and optimize your peak performance. Learn More