Our Values

Regarding wellness and healthcare, we believe ~

  • Hippocrates had it right: first do no harm
  • Health and wellness are more than the absence of disease and the elimination of risk factors.  Wellness is an ever evolving state, arising from and renewed by enhanced strengths, resilience and connectedness
  • Definitions of health based on statistical norms and averages are only hypothetically useful at the individual level.  Giving people generalized wellness rules is much less beneficial than giving people personalized wellness tools
  • Trying to push people toward a normative definition of wellness is nonproductive and costly 
  • We are all intrinsically motivated to invest in and create personal wellness. This motivation comes from within and is enlivened through our connections to others and our environment 
  • The ‘balance’ of wellness is like walking - a constant flow of kinesthetic adjustments.  The flow of adjustments and the ability to perceive the terrain determine the effectiveness of the walker’s progress
  • Renewable is forever.  Sustainable systems that create wellness and leverage medical therapies must be based on freely accessible, even passive, resources within our environment and daily lives

Regarding business, we believe ~

  • There is value in making physiological information available to individuals in their everyday lives
  • The best marketing strategy is satisfied customers who experience benefits from our products in their day to day lives
  • Current approaches to science translation are too slow 
  • Investing in and enhancing local reality is the right thing to do
  • In scratching our own itch.  We test all our tools against our own needs for wellness 
  • In maximizing the benefits we can create with the resources we have
  • Evolving our business based on progressive innovation
  • Wellness and healthcare solutions based on sustainable resources are good for the economy 
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