Afternoon Tips for Circadian Synchrony

3 Simple things you can do even when you are really busy

Warm your core throughout the day ~ As our food intake and activity level accumulates over the course of the day, our core body temperature should build toward a peak in the late afternoon or early evening. Prolonged sitting, and skipping meals, will blunt the core temperature peak that goes along with peak physical stamina and peak cognitive function at the end of the day. Stand, walk around, or stretch whenever you’re talking on the phone, watching TV, or doing an activity that doesn’t require you to be sitting. If you work at a desk, get up and move for at least a few minutes each hour. If the air temperature is comfortable but your hands or feet, or both, are cold, you probably need more movement to warm up your core.

Go outside before lunch ~ Unless the weather is really rotten, we usually feel revitalized by even 5-10 minutes outside, under the sky, in fresh air. The midday sunlight will increase your mental alertness, the movement will warm your core, and the fresh air will stimulate your breathing.

Be a sky-gazer ~ Since many modern lifestyles are deficient in daytime light and provide an excess of nighttime light, increase the light in your day by looking at the sky whenever you can take a break for a moment or two. Observing the clouds and sky while you are waiting for the stoplight to change, talking on the phone, or pausing to gather your thoughts all provide a beneficial sunlight boost. Since the clouds and sky are often interesting and beautiful, sky gazing also provides a mini-mental break from stress and time pressure. 

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