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  • Solid Science For In-Sync Personal Wellness

    Solid Science For In-Sync Personal Wellness

    AuraViva translates the wealth of scientific research on circadian rhythms and health into personalized support for achieving your wellness goals. Using body clock synchronization, the timing of your everyday activities becomes a powerful yet simple tool for improving your sleep, weight, energy and performance.

  • Unlimited Goals, Multiple Profiles

    Unlimited Goals, Multiple Profiles

    AuraViva supports over 12 specific wellness goals. You can choose to work on one goal at a time, add new goals over time, or start out with a combination of goals. If you have large shifts in the timing of your schedule or changes in your geolocation, you can create different profiles for your different schedules and locations too.

  • Personalized Agenda & Feedback

    Personalized Agenda & Feedback

    Based on your wellness goals, typical schedule and geolocation, AuraViva gives you personalized daily agendas, including timing for activity, meal, light and temperature cycles, and tips on how and why shifting your cycle timing supports circadian rhythm synchrony and your wellness goal. Your agenda and feedback update automatically from day to day and every time you update your schedule data or profile.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Alerts & Notifications

    Because body clock synchrony is driven by the timing of daily activities, AuraViva provides a quick and easy reminder system that allows you to schedule alerts for any of your personalized agenda items through your email, calendar or text messages to your mobile phone.

  • Web & Mobile Access

    Web & Mobile Access

    Whether you use a desktop, a laptop, or a smart phone, you can access your agenda, feedback, alerts and profiles through any device that has a web browser. AuraViva's iPhone app allows you to use Apple's unique gesture language for data entry and navigation.

  • Flexible Data Entry, Detailed Feedback

    Flexible Data Entry, Detailed Feedback

    Because time is precious, getting started with AuraViva can be as simple as confirming your geolocation and entering a handful of daily activity times like meal times and sleep times. You can enter more detailed daily timing data and update your timing data real-time if you want to, but you don't have to.

What is AuraViva?

AuraViva uses circadian synchrony to provide everyday people with simple tools to achieve 24 hour wellness in their daily lives. Through monitoring your activities, AuraViva’s simple online service can help you optimize your daily routines to achieve your specific goals.

Trying to lose weight? Having trouble sleeping through the night? Wish you just had more energy throughout the day? Looking for an edge in your athletic performance? These are all possible by adjusting your sleep, food, light and temperature cycles.

How does it work?

AuraViva provides you with a secure, personal data visualization of your personal activities, such as when you wake up and when you eat breakfast, etc. You can create a profile for a specific goal and receive feedback and recommendations on how to adjust the timing of your activities to achieve your goal. With AuraViva you can input your data online or through our mobile application, so it’s fast and convenient.